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Yuko Jones
is an artist and illustrator who believes in the power of imagination.

Growing up in Japan, Yuko was always drawing, painting, and turning her creative vision into reality. When she wasn’t creating, she would spend hours poring over picture books. For her, it was the illustrations that expanded the stories as well as her imagination.

After completing her degrees in English, Psychology, and Human Development, she started her career in early childhood developmental research. While she enjoyed many aspects of her job, she couldn’t find her real passion in the field. When she became a mother in 2008 and left her job in research, she immersed herself back in the world of drawing and painting. It didn’t take her long to realize what she really wanted to do was to illustrate children's books.

Yuko believes our imagination opens up the door to the world and inspires us to explore and achieve our dreams. She hopes her work will be a source of boundless imagination for children of all ages.

Her illustrations are gentle and sweet, and her quiet style is influenced by Japanese art and culture. She uses various media to create illustrations rich in color and texture, including coffee, soft pastel, acrylics, colored pencil, and Photoshop.  But her signature style is pen drawing with watercolor on cold press watercolor paper. You can follow her creative process on Instagram.

Fluent both in Japanese and English, Yuko dreams about bringing some of the beloved Japanese folktales to life for many people in the world to enjoy.

Yuko lives in western NY with her husband and two sons.


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